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The February-March 2017 edition of Legends Magazine holds a wonderfully written article about the New Roxy.  Starting on page 54 following this link, you can read about current events plus the history and evolution of the New Roxy.

Thacker Mountain Radio Hour did a live taping of their hit Mississippi Public Broadcasting show on April 15th, 2016 (airing May 2016)!  An absolutely thrilling event for all involved, they talk about it on their blog here.

Barefoot Workshops did a video documentary in February 2015 on owner, Robin Colonas’ journey and and state of construction at the time.  Watch it here, titled New Roxy.

London Times article about Robert Plant where he mentions attending a show at the New Roxy. See Article


MPB’s Mississippi Roads: Recycling, Repurposing, Revitalizing …Guess which category the New Roxy falls under? Yep, All of ’em!

Short documentary about the New Roxy and its history


2011 Lucy Angel – country music video filmed at the New Roxy


2009 Ray Cashman performing at the New Roxy Theater in Clarksdale MS (April 18)


2012 Delta Business journal about the New Roxy


‘Clarksdale Blues’ by Faithful Bull Productions



Jamie Lynn Miller

On air personality NPR Aspen, CO

It’s the most organic, old school, pure, hip, vintage club you’ll ever go to. It’s fraught with history and decades of entertainment are stored in its walls. The grass-roots efforts to restore and preserve the theater make it the most passionate, legitimate, vibrant venue ever!

Roger Stolle

Owner, Cathead Delta Blues and Folk Art Clarksdale, MS

Robin rocks! Shows you that one Clarksdale fan can have a tremendous impact on our community. I honestly think that at this point the New Roxy is one of America’s great music venues. And you can quote me.

Casey Weber

Weber’s Deck – French Lake, MN

One of the greatest venues I have ever seen a show at was the New Roxy. Check it out!

19th Street Red

Blues Musician New Orleans

For me, it is the Issaquena location and your relationship with the African-American community there…

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