Welcome to our new and improved web page – literally YEARS in the making.  We are very excited to have an updated look with a few fancy new features.

Hopefully you’ll enjoy our new web page too, and since it’s always a work in progress we welcome any feedback, suggestions or photos you might like to share with us.  A huge thank you to Lori Reed at Reed Creative for using us as a school project and helping see us thru to going live with the help of Superlative.

We have many exciting plans for the coming months.  William and I will continue completing work for the Coahoma County Economic Development Council Facade grant that we were approved for in 2013.  The planned improvements include tuck Pointing much of the old brick wall so we can continue putting a roof over the lobby/bar area, rebuilding the front entrance and beginning construction on an apartment inside the New Roxy.  We will be in Clarksdale working and opening the theater when we can from early October 2013 thru the winter.

Have construction skills or willing to help us with some sweat equity?  We love volunteers!  This is a low budget ‘do-it -ourselves’  labor of love and we appreciate anyone that’s willing to give us a hand while visiting the Clarksdale area.

Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to seeing you at the New Roxy!

Robin Colonas and William Laidlaw
August 1st, 2013

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