I hear the New Roxy is a unique venue.  What should I expect if I attend a show?
We are an ‘open-air’ venue and most of our shows continue rain or shine, so being prepared for appropriate weather is always a good idea! There are a variety of seating options and lots of standing and dancing room.

Where is the New Roxy located?
In the historic New World District of Clarksdale, Mississippi.

When are you open?
Currently we are open ‘seasonally’, primarily during festival times in April, August and October.  However, each year we continue to expand the number of events we host.  Check our Facebook page for the most updated list of events and their times.

Are you going to put a roof on the New Roxy?
Yes, of sorts. We built a roof over the stage in 2010 and plan to continue adding additional roofing over the lobby area in 2013, but intentions are to leave the main audience area open air.

What happens to the water when it rains?
The original building design included a drain in the main floor to allow the theater to be hosed down for cleanup, and currently is still in use.

stage-flamingos-smallWhat is the significance of the flamingo in the logo?
There is no historical significance to the flamingo.  The logo evolved from the pink plastic lawn ornaments that found a home on the stage early on and reflects the future ‘Tiki Bar’ atmosphere we hope to create in the bar.

What do you serve at the New Roxy?
During most events we serve a variety of cold beverages, including beer, sodas, water, lemonade, iced coffee and salty snacks. During most events, our neighbor Luther, at Wangz and Thangz, has the grill fired up with a variety of BBQ items to keep you well fed.

Where can I get New Roxy shirts and stickers?
New Roxy merchandise is available at all of our shows, and we can also mail shirts to you if you know what you’d like.  We don’t have a fancy online ordering system so just call or send an email to us on our Contact Page.

Who owns the New Roxy?
The New Roxy Theater was initially owned by Robin Colonas, a northwest native with roots in Seattle who purchased the theater  in 2008.

Since then there have been many volunteers and friends from all over the country who have helped her with the vision of turning the New Roxy into a multi-use venue for music and the arts.

Several years ago her partner William Laidlaw  joined her in this venture.  In 2013, they have design plans for renovating the venue and bar to expand opportunities for the event space. Check out the history. 

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