Welcome to the New Roxy!

The New Roxy is a former cinema located in the historic New World District of Clarksdale Mississippi.  After deteriorating over a 30-year vacancy, the New Roxy is being slowly recreated as a vibrant art, music and theater venue.

Come and check out live music and theater, art and film – the New Roxy has it all, with an easy online ticketing system for select events.

The blues are alive and kicking in Clarksdale, Mississippi

The Blues is not a mood, it's a way of life   The blues is not a feeling, even though it is talked about as an emotional state.  The blues goes much deeper than just a genre of music, one of many.  While these contexts may be true enough to place the idea of the blues...

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Americana Music Triangle: Clarksdale is on the map

School is out, and the weather is beautiful. Question is where to go? The USA is one huge country, with such diverse pockets of culture, but luckily for everyone, they are all connected by the great US highway system. One long, looping road doubling over itself over...

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Juke Joint Weekend April 2017 Fundraiser Lounge tickets

Wanna feel comfortable AND special? This ain't no beauty tip, folks, its the FUNDRAISER LOUNGE at the New Roxy! The time is nigh - as you are plotting out your Juke Joint Festival 2017 weekend, don't forget to factor in the Fundraiser Lounge at the New Roxy.  The New...

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Smokestack Relics April 18, 2017

Smokestack Relics can only be defined as a dirty swamp rock band.The two brothers from Denver, Colorado, sing about livin', lovin', dyin' and the hell down below. The band is stripped down to her bare essentials creating a raw roots feel. When they're not playing in...

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This week at the New Roxy

THIS WEEK AT THE NEW ROXY: Tiki Thursday and MAG FEST III We are dusting ourselves off, shaking off the winter chill, and shaking our tail feathers at the New Roxy this week! The beginning of this week came in cold but we are heating things up in the second half....

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MAG FEST III: St. Patrick’s Day Party

The New Roxy celebrates St. Paddy's day this Friday, March 17th Doors 7pm, music 7:30pm-1am This is a party to behold, and you're all invited!  Music, cold beer and barrels of laughs are all lined up.  Local bluesman Lucious Spiller kicks off the evening at 7:30pm,...

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